Roleplay Climate

The roleplay community itself is diverse and goodly sized. It isn’t as large as the communities in other more established games, but you will encounter more roleplayers here than you could realistically ever RP with, and more joining all the time. There are several niches and interests represented, but plenty of room to create new ones!

The broader BDO community, however, is not friendly toward roleplayers. Expect to encounter trolling and griefing from time to time. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, we as a community have not been able to gain assistance of GMs in these matters. We should consider ourselves on our own.

Please see the New Roleplayer’s Guide!


First and foremost, Black Desert Online is a game where PvP is very prevalent and encouraged. Many roleplayers opt not to participate in this playstyle, but please understand that it is very likely that you will be PK’d while you are playing this game. You may even be PK’d by fellow roleplayers! Take this in stride and, if you are trying to avoid a PvP situation, see our PvP Policy Thread which outlines several recommendations you can follow to that end.

As a note, the Black Desert Online GMs typically are very hands-off when it comes to PvP. If you try to report someone who is PKing you, even repeatedly, you will most likely be told to find an in-game solution. That said, you will likely not be killed very often unless you are competing for resources in populated areas.


Being perfectly honest, the PVE in Black Desert Online is a little lackluster. There are no dungeons and not many endeavors where partying up is a necessity -- though it is recommended that you do so for world bosses, guild bosses, and scroll bosses. You can grind mobs to level as a party as well, which is sometimes more efficient, but it’s perfectly possible to level solo. This game is very grind oriented! There are quests and some overarching storylines, but ultimately if you want to be competitive and at the top of the pack, a lot of grinding will be necessary! 

Crafting (Lifeskills)

There are a huge variety of lifeskills that your character can learn and level up. These skills can help you earn silver and obtain higher-grade crafting items you may need. Many lifeskills can even be leveled while you are away from the computer. In addition to lifeskills, you can also invest in and run various types of mills and stations in various towns to craft various items. For example, you can set up a furniture shop to produce furniture items for your house, or set up a costume mill to make outfits to wear.