The RP Chat Channel (or blue-chat) was added by the game developers for use by the RP community. However, current game mechanics make it an attractive channel for anyone to use for any purpose. This is because every time you chat in any channel except General (local/say), Party, and Guild, it costs some energy. Each character has a given energy pool that can be depleted by a variety of in-game actions, though energy can be regained by resting.

It costs less energy to use the RP Chat Channel than it does the other channels that broadcast widely, so RP Chat has been co-opted by the broader BDO community. The channel as it stands does not represent the roleplay community and is not used primarily by roleplayers.

We do not recommend to ever use RP Chat to advertise your RP events, as you will very likely attract trolls to your vicinity.

Generally, most roleplayers just turn it off entirely. You can do so by: