RP Chat Channel

The RP Chat Channel (or blue-chat) was added by the game developers for use by the RP community. However, current game mechanics make it an attractive channel for anyone to use for any purpose. This is because every time you chat in any channel except General (local/say), Party, and Guild, it costs some energy. Each character has a given energy pool that can be depleted by a variety of in-game actions, though energy can be regained by resting.


It costs less energy to use the RP Chat Channel than it does the other channels that broadcast widely, so RP Chat has been co-opted by the broader BDO community. The channel as it stands does not represent the roleplay community and is not used primarily by roleplayers.


We do not recommend to ever use RP Chat to advertise your RP events, as you will very likely attract trolls to your vicinity.


Generally, most roleplayers just turn it off entirely. You can do so by:


Chat Filters & Blocking

You can block any user by simply clicking their name in chat and selecting ‘block’. Blocking a user will filter anything they’ve typed from your chat window, past or present. You also can set up keyword filters as well. To do so:



Please be aware that if you ever have to reset your game cache (a common troubleshooting recommendation), your chat settings will be erased.

Roleplaying Etiquette

There is no dedicated emote command in BDO like there is in other games. Because of that, public roleplaying occurs in the General channel, which is like /local or /say in other games. Unlike in other games where action and dialogue are sometimes separated between an emote channel and a /say channel, in this game, action and dialogue are both incorporated together, and most people use a present tense, third-person narrative style.


Because General chat has a large ‘hearing’ range, and because player houses are not instanced, a simple etiquette has developed.


  • If you are RPing in a group that is more than five, or if your RP is open for walk up participation, General is the go-to.

  • If you are privately RPing with a group that is five or less, using Party is polite.

  • You should always try to use Party if you’re RPing in a player’s house, if your group is small enough.

  • When you are at large events, chat scroll can be hard! Be sure to tag characters to make sure they see when you are speaking to them. See the below section for instructions about how to do that.

  • You can also invite up to 20 people into a Platoon. Everyone in the Platoon will be able to use the same party chat. Use /inviteunit to invite someone to a Platoon. Please be aware that in a Platoon, you are not able to share XP or loot like you would in a party.

Emote Tagging

You can tag users by their character name. Doing so will highlight their name in bright fuchsia for them and ping them with an audible alert. This is a great feature to use during roleplay where things are moving fast and a lot of characters are involved. Please note that if you use this feature, you have to make sure the character’s name (not the family name) is typed exactly and that there is no punctuation right afterward.


For example, the following would work:

Vertigale claps her hands and tries to get @Sorora ‘s attention.

Vertigale throws a ball to @Aadoris .


But this would not work:

Vertigale claps her hands and tries to get @Sorora’s attention.

Vertigale throws a ball to @Aadoris.


Using the walking feature is not very intuitive. In order to walk, you first need to understand Black Desert Online’s auto-path function. Auto-path is actually very convenient and useful. There are two ways to use auto path:


  1. You can auto-path to a point on the map. On your world map or your mini map, you can right click and select a point. Now, when you press ‘T’, your character will automatically run there.

  2. You can auto-path freely. If you simply hit ‘T’ without a point selected, your character will continuously run forward, and you can control the direction by moving your mouse.


If you have Scroll Lock enabled on your keyboard, your character will walk instead of run in either scenario.

Sitting & Leaning

Black Desert Online offers some interesting idling features that fit right in for roleplay use. To make your character lean against a wall, position your character with his or her back facing the wall. Then gently tap your S key to back up. You may have to do it a couple times, but you will move into a leaning position. You can also lean against fences, furniture, doors, and other surfaces!


Your character can also sit. There are two ways to sit, and each have their pros and cons.


Method 1:

As with leaning, you can position your character with their back toward a low surface (chairs, benches, ledges) and gently tap the S key to back up. It might take a few taps, but eventually your character will sit down. From here, you can then press the Q key to cycle through five different sitting poses.


The good things about this method include the fact that it’s very easy to use and there are so many sitting poses available. The drawback to this method is that even though your character will appear to be sitting flush against the surface, to everyone else it will appear that your character is ‘floating’ above it a little. You will see this when other characters sit down with this method around you. They will all appear to float a bit.


Method 2:

Alternatively, you can position your character to stand on top of the surface you desire to sit on, whether that be a chair or a ledge. Be sure your character is standing right at the edge, then press the Q key. If you are positioned correctly, your character will sit. If you are positioned incorrectly, they will kneel down. This method can take a little finagling but is a great option for sitting on tall surfaces or things like fence railings, cliff edges, and roofs. Once seated, you can press the Q key again to switch between two different sitting poses.


The good thing about this method is that when you use it, most of the time your character doesn’t float like they would if you used Method 1. The drawbacks are that this method is a bit more fussy than Method 1 and can take a bit of adjusting to work properly. Another drawback is that there are only two poses to choose from when sitting.


Your character has a variety of animations available, from waving to kneeling to goading. To see what animations you can use, open your chat bar by pressing your ENTER key. When your chat bar is open, you should see a button just to the right of it that says ‘S’. Click this button to open your Social pane.


Your Social pane will list all of your currently unlocked animations. You can simply click on an animation to trigger it, or you can set specific commands. You can also set animations to trigger based on keywords.


Each class has access to five unique poses as well, which can also be found in the Social pane. These poses can be unlocked by questing and completing achievements.

Costumes & Dyes

One unique part about Black Desert Online is the fact that your gear can be swapped between classes. There are very few items that are ‘soulbound’ as you find in other games.


Each class has unique gear styles. The same piece of gear will look one way on your Warrior but will look completely different if you equip it on your Witch. However, there is not much variety in how the gear appears. All white-level (lowbie) gear will pretty much look the same. All green level (intermediate) gear will share the same model. When you start picking up things like boss gear there is a little more variety, but generally most of the visual variety in your gear will come from costumes. There are a few different types:



These are pieces of gear that give specific bonuses, usually related to life skills or movement or luck, but are worn in place of your gear. Most Costumes can be crafted in game or purchased through vendors.



These are essentially ‘skins’. You can wear them over your gear to change your gear’s appearance. Some Costumes can be made into Outfits using a tailoring coupon that you can purchase from the Pearl Shop. Most outfits are also purchased through the Pearl Shop.


The dye system is rather robust. You can recolor your base gear as well as all outfits and any costumes you have turned into an outfit with the tailoring costume. In addition, much of the horse and wagon equipment can also be recolored.

When it comes to dye, you have two choices. You can buy permanent dyes from the market place, the pearl shop, or from the loyalty shop and use them on your gear. You can also buy a Merv's Palette or a Value Pack (which includes Merv's Palette). Merv's Palette unlocks all possible dyes and allows you to use them freely as long as the Palette is active (30 days). After that, if you don't buy another Palette, your dyes go back to default.

You aren't able to use both permanent dyes and Merv's Palette. If you have a piece of gear with permanent dye and you want to use Merv's Palette instead, you need to first bleach the permanent color off.

Access your Dye Menu by pressing "J" on your keyboard.