There is no dedicated emote command in BDO like there is in other games. Because of that, public roleplaying occurs in the General channel, which is like /local or /say in other games. Unlike in other games where action and dialogue are sometimes separated between an emote channel and a /say channel, in this game, action and dialogue are both incorporated together, and most people use a present tense, third-person narrative style.

Because General chat has a large ‘hearing’ range, and because player houses are not instanced, a simple etiquette has developed. 

  • If you are RPing in a group that is more than five, or if your RP is open for walk up participation, General Chat is the go-to.

  • If you are privately RPing with a group that is five or less, using Party Chat is polite.

  • You should always try to use Party Chat if you’re RPing in a player’s house, if your group is small enough to allow for it.

  • When you are at large events, chat scroll can be hard! Be sure to tag characters to make sure they see when you are speaking to them.

  • You can also invite up to 20 people into a Platoon. Everyone in the Platoon will be able to use the same party chat. Use /inviteunit [character name] to invite someone to a Platoon. Please be aware that in a Platoon, you are not able to share XP or loot like you would in a party.