Using the walking feature is not very intuitive. In order to walk, you first need to understand Black Desert Online’s auto-path function. Auto-path is actually very convenient and useful. There are two ways to use auto path:

  1. You can auto-path to a point on the map. On your world map or your mini map, you can right click and select a point. Now, when you press ‘T’, your character will automatically run there.

  2. You can auto-path freely. If you simply hit ‘T’ without a point selected, your character will continuously run forward, and you can control the direction by moving your mouse.

If you have Scroll Lock enabled on your keyboard, your character will walk instead of run in either scenario. The walk will continue until you press Scroll Lock again. Additionally, you can set a special key-bind for walking that you can hold down to walk, and when you release it, you'll run again.