Black Desert Online offers some interesting idling features that fit right in for roleplay use. To make your character lean against a wall, position your character with his or her back facing the wall. Then gently tap your S key to back up. You may have to do it a couple times, but you will move into a leaning position. You can also lean against fences, furniture, doors, and other surfaces!

Your character can also sit. There are two ways to sit, and each have their pros and cons. 

Method 1:

As with leaning, you can position your character with their back toward a low surface (chairs, benches, ledges) and gently tap the S key to back up. It might take a few taps, but eventually your character will sit down. From here, you can then press the Q key to cycle through five different sitting poses.

The good things about this method include the fact that it’s very easy to use and there are so many sitting poses available. The drawback to this method is that even though your character will appear to be sitting flush against the surface, to everyone else it will appear that your character is ‘floating’ above it a little. You will see this when other characters sit down with this method around you. They will all appear to float a bit. 

Method 2:

Alternatively, you can position your character to stand on top of the surface you desire to sit on, whether that be a chair or a ledge. Be sure your character is standing right at the edge, then press the Q key. If you are positioned correctly, your character will sit. If you are positioned incorrectly, they will kneel down. This method can take a little finagling but is a great option for sitting on tall surfaces or things like fence railings, cliff edges, and roofs. Once seated, you can press the Q key again to switch between two different sitting poses.

The good thing about this method is that when you use it, most of the time your character doesn’t float like they would if you used Method 1. The drawbacks are that this method is a bit more fussy than Method 1 and can take a bit of adjusting to work properly. Another drawback is that there are only two poses to choose from when sitting.