One unique part about Black Desert Online is the fact that your gear can be swapped between classes. There are very few items that are ‘soulbound’ as you find in other games. 

Each class has unique gear styles. The same piece of gear will look one way on your Warrior but will look completely different if you equip it on your Witch. However, there is not much variety in how the gear appears. All white-level (lowbie) gear will pretty much look the same. All green level (intermediate) gear will share the same model. When you start picking up things like boss gear there is a little more variety, but generally most of the visual variety in your gear will come from costumes. There are a few different types:


These are pieces of gear that give specific bonuses, usually related to life skills or movement or luck, but are worn in place of your gear. Most Costumes can be crafted in game or purchased through vendors.


These are essentially ‘skins’. You can wear them over your gear to change your gear’s appearance. Some Costumes can be made into Outfits using a tailoring coupon that you can purchase from the Pearl Shop. Most outfits are also purchased through the Pearl Shop.


The dye system is rather robust. You can recolor your base gear as well as all outfits and any costumes you have turned into an outfit with the tailoring costume. In addition, much of the horse and wagon equipment can also be recolored.

When it comes to dye, you have two choices. You can buy permanent dyes from the market place, the pearl shop, or from the loyalty shop and use them on your gear. You can also buy a Merv's Palette or a Value Pack (which includes Merv's Palette). Merv's Palette unlocks all possible dyes and allows you to use them freely as long as the Palette is active (30 days). After that, if you don't buy another Palette, your dyes go back to default.

You aren't able to use both permanent dyes and Merv's Palette. If you have a piece of gear with permanent dye and you want to use Merv's Palette instead, you need to first bleach the permanent color off.

Access your Dye Menu by pressing "J" on your keyboard.