PVP Policy & Info
Black Desert Online is a game where PvP is very prevalent and encouraged. Many roleplayers opt not to participate in this playstyle, but please understand that it is very likely that you will be PK’d while you are playing this game. You may even be PK’d by fellow roleplayers! Take this in stride and, if you are trying to avoid a PvP situation, try out the following recommendations:

  1. Do your roleplay in safe-zones. If you are roleplaying outside of a safe zone, stay away from highly contested areas where people farm or level. This is quite easy, as the world is huge and full of lovely hidden nooks to roleplay in.

  2. If you engage or retaliate, understand that you’ve essentially given your consent to the PvP taking place, so your aggressor may continue to engage you.

  3. If you are killed by someone and want to avoid being killed by them again, switch channels! You can always switch back when you get some distance from the aggressor.

  4. If you are killed, try messaging the person. Sometimes this is all it takes to secure your safety.

  5. If your roleplay is being interrupted, or you are being repeatedly attacked simply for roleplaying or being a roleplayer, you can make use of the Trusted Defenders in the BDRP Discord by pinging their tag (@Trusted Defender). This is a rank of people who have volunteered to respond to calls for help in PvP related matters. Please don’t abuse their good intentions by asking them to intercede on normal PvP related issues, though. Please do not use them to carry out vendettas or get involved in personal PvP disputes.

In the past, we have interceded in some types of PvP-related disputes, but this is something we’ve revisited, and we’d like to refrain from doing this as much as possible. However, if a member (or guild) of this community uses PvP to grief or disrupt roleplay that is occurring, we can help. In order for us to help, please contact us and provide us screenshots and other pertinent information that can give us clear context about what happened.

As a note, the Black Desert Online GMs typically are very hands-off when it comes to PvP. If you try to report someone who is PKing you, even repeatedly, you will most likely be told to find an in-game solution.

In summation, as moderators we will typically only intercede in PvP-related disputes if roleplay is being disrupted or prevented by another member (or guild) of the BDRP community.

I hope this helps! If it doesn't, or for sub-optimal behavior taking place in game or between yourself and someone who is not a member of this community, you might try reporting the situation to Kakao Games.

Do you have more questions? You can post them here.

We recommend that you also scan the Harassment Policy as well.