• General
Full Name: Jiajizan Shi
Nicknames: Jia
Level: 39
Class: Lahn
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Zodiac: Libra
Hair: Black with white trace.
Skin: Slightly pale white.
Eyes: Left eye black, right eye white. She is blind in her right eye.
  • Biographical
Place of Residence: Heidel
Place of Birth: Far East
Relatives: Most likely deceased
Enemies: N/A
Allies: N/A
Occupation: Sellsword
Tradeskills: Non-existent
Appearance: (Brief write-up, will post picture soon)

Jia is a modestly built, well rounded body. Her hair is black with a large amount of white, complementing her eyes that follow the same color pattern: her left eye is black, her right eye is white - and also blind.

Fashion of Choice: Black and white; a multitude of dresses. She likes to show off a very mild amount in what she wears.
Armor of Choice: Her armor is moving fast.
That works about as well s it sounds.
Weapons of Choice: Crescent Pendulum
Special Talents: Dancing
History/Biography: Short, simple. She comes from the East in search of excitement.
  • Personality
Alignment: True Neutral
Motivations: Excitement
Disposition: Hyperactive / Anti-social
Outlook: Happy
Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic
Sexuality: Unsure
Positive Personality Traits: Happy, quiet, eager, simple.
Negative Personality Traits: Depressed, hyperactive, anti-social.
Misc. Quirks: Jia is bipolar. She has a hyperactive and happy side, as well as a quiet and depressed side.
  • Affiliations
Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A
  • Interests
Likes: Food, games, flying, socializing.
Dislikes: Socializing.
Favorite Foods: All of it.
Favorite Drinks: Once again, all of it.
Favorite Colors: I would say black and white, but they aren't colors.
Hobbies: Practicing dance.