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[NA] Rowan Hallahan

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Dawns away, the day's turned grey,
And I must travel far away.
But I'll be back, and then we'll track
The light of yet another day.


Untitled_1543863086.pngFull Name: Rowan Lexine Hallahan
Moniker: Jackdaw
Nicknames: Ro, Hana or Lex

IGN: TatterdemaIion (FN: Thondroril)
Class: Sorceress
Languages: Common, Elven, Valencian, Hasoan

Race: Appears human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Constellation: Sealing stone
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Claiming to be an original ginger, Rowan’s wavy locks have been dyed to a pleasant, dark cerulean. Usually worn in a loose braid, the woman’s tresses are crowned by a trio of circlets she seems to fancy.
Skin: With a smooth complexion and sunkissed skin, the only visible blemishes upon her visage are the faint freckles scattered across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.
Eyes: A piercing pair of icy-blues sit beneath the woman’s dark brows, usually slightly narrowed in an amused squint.
Place of Residence: Varies; although there are more than five apartments or pieces of land to her name, the sorceress can be far more easily found lodging in taverns. Curiously enough, people with business proposals seem to find her without much difficulty.
Place of Birth: Allegedly Tarif, though no residents of the town seem to remember anyone by her name, and there are no records of her family to be found.

Relatives: A sister is sometimes vaguely referred to, though no other family is known.

Occupation: Courier, sycophant, information merchant, bard, warlock.
Special Talents: Within sorcery, Rowan specializes in the enchanting of items: making ordinary items into magical artifacts, usually ones that aid in the tracking of a specific person or group, or the enhancement of one's senses. She is quite talented in the art of persuasion, excels at solving riddles and she herself loves toying with words and twisting their meanings. She's also ambidextrous.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.
Motivations: Her own amusement, coin, pleasure.
Disposition: At first glance a sophisticated, collected and generally cheerful individual.
Outlook: Hedonistic nihilism.

Religion/Philosophy: “Every belief, every considering something true, is necessarily false because there is simply no true world.”
2018-12-03_604553049_1543866919.PNGPositive Personality Traits: Accredited to her upbringing, Rowan is an intelligent, educated woman. She strongly believes that the tongue is a far more powerful weapon than any sword, and she has worked tirelessly to perfect her way with words; as such, she has become quite persuasive and charismatic. To render her speechless would be no small feat. The sorceress is efficient in her work, mainly thanks to her resourcefulness and wit.
Negative Personality Traits: Of course, one would not be able to exist within her line of work with a completely functional conscience. As the sorceress is fully aware of how precious information may be, she is quite enigmatic and oftentimes referred to as unsentimental; attachments should be avoided and thoughts guarded well. Rowan is likely to reply to most claims or attempts at a conversation with a hint of sarcasm, unless she has a reason to play nice. Morals are more often than not completely disregarded.

Likes: Taverns, poetry, stars, historical sites and ancient artifacts, sharing stories over drinks, horse races and gladiatorial fights.
Disikes: Mindless followers (e.g. of a religion), prudes, children.
Favorite Foods: Berries, peppermint candy, rare steaks.
Favorite Drinks: Cherry wine, anything blueberry flavored.
Favorite Colors: Blue, silver, black.
Hobbies: Poem- and songwriting, harping, astrology, exploration, one-night-stands er, networking.
Roleplay Hooks
Seeking Contract: As is her line of work, Rowan may be contacted to obtain information on a certain event, organization or individual.
Providing Information: Always looking to obtain especially sensitive information, Rowan may be willing to pay a precious sum for authentic information and tips backed by proper evidence.
Bard Services: Rowan may be contracted to write songs or poems, personalized or general, or hired to perform at an event or for someone in particular. Though not all too famous, true lovers of the art might recognize her for her work as well.
Courier Services: Delivering packages, letters, even offering to retrieve lost artifacts and return them to their rightful owners.*

Should you be interested in the former two, inquire after Jackdaw.
If you are interested in the latter two, please look for Rowan Hallahan.
*In Rowan’s vocabulary, “rightful owner” is the equivalent of “best paying client.”
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x If you're interested in RP, please contact me via Discord (Nycto#3285)
x More information may be added at a later time, won't promise anything. If you'd like to know more, again, message me on Discord
x Some information may be subject to change at a later date (e.g. something clashing with lore might be removed or revised, though I doubt there's anything)
x If you got this far, have a cookie.
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