The Wolves Return

This is going to be something new I do as a new character of mine, the second son and third child of Snow & Rain. He will document every hunt in detail as it's told to him or in the future as he see's it. This is the direct in character writing of Maverick Mitarius. These writings may be viewed as in character as they'd be published through couriers. Feel free to do with what knowledge you read here as you please in character with future interactions with those involved!

I want to extend an amazingly large and great thank you to those that attended to our most recent first event since many months ago! The re-awakening of the Wolves due to story arc between Rain and myself is going to be a continuously growing one! But before I start I want to take the time to thank Urzag, Sokuya, Riku, Ranvi & Fastarr(played by one person) for coming out and going in nearly blind to this event however supporting and verbally appreciating the event itself. Without you guys and other's in the future to hunt I'd not be here right now making this amazing post.

Without further postponing your read of the tales of local bards and storytellers may speak to your wandering ears. What you may have heard down the line. May you are here now, reading this for yourself on a sheet of delicate well pressed parchment. Here is the story of the wyvern hunt.

A rampant wyvern terrorized and killed not only touring nobles from distant lands outside of Dreighan but traders as well. Posing a threat to many surrounding routes, settlements, even the city itself. So with a methodically thought out plan from Snow himself the group set out to lay low at a series of ruins just North of Duvencrune, a common sighting for this wyvern in the reports.

Prepared for the worst with a wagon mounted ballista Snow himself mounted the siege defense weaponry with his primary job to reload and observe the field as his wife was the one to aim and fire when it came to the brass tax. The silence wore for only minutes with wind and breeze brushing through browned blades of grass a distant yet becoming closer sound of conveniently passing by nobles in a passenger wagon out toward Duvencrune.

The hiss grumbling through a tightened jawline of the female wyvern blessed the ears of the hunters and remained ignorant to the obnoxiously boasting of nobles among one another. A obnoxious sound that soon came to a screaming in fear end as the distance from the top of a cliff and their wagon at the road was quickly closed to the slam of a wagon that fell horses and even the drive like a rag doll to the hard dirt at the opposite side of the wagon's body. Scrapes and vicious tugging with massive talons tested the wagon's carpentry and design.

An act that would of broken through the hull of sitting ducks if it wasn't for the sudden charge of the large orc, Urzag, hoisting a guttural roar that would leave imprints on fearing minds. That was if the case were something not the size of nearly three cargo wagons. Leaping unto the air with the boldest of offense to slam two large axes deep into the right leathery wing of our scaly friend. The weight of such a beast of an orc alone combined with his massive armor for the occasion made the wyvern howl in immediate sudden pain discarding the wagon as it's flesh no longer connected between arm and torso. Now much more like a bleeding leathery drape for a tall window.

Whipping it's large body in a direct spin with a large arcing swing of it's healthy arm in the direction of the immediate pain it had undoubtedly sending the orc in a soaring path several feet away. Yet even in this success came extreme consequence. Not one, neither two, but three well trained arrows were already making their course through the cool daunting air of the ruins toward large figure, hard to miss. The first to pierce the soft scales of the wyvern's deep black brow. The second making a surprisingly unbelievable bulls eye to the right pupil. The last directly under the opposite eye within the socket however leaving a blurred enraged vision left in one solo eye.

The first individual it saw was indeed, Riku, the closest to the now wounded wyvern preparing to fight for it's dear life. Large toothy maw opening with a wicked ember crackling sound moments before a long molten blaze launched out toward the red haired man. A man that was only lucky enough to have dived behind rubble in time to have his only loss and injury being melted boots and burned feet. Leaving the man undoubtedly rolling to put out what flame was left unsure if the wyvern was to come his way yet or not.

Taking only one heavy step forwards before a fourth arrow hardly dented the steel-like much more developed scales of the torso letting a iron headed arrow bounce directly off and toward the ground. Going un-noticed the wyvern's focus was sent solely to the delivering man of the shot, Sokuya. Roaring with the unhinged rage of fear and death it charged forwards with unkindly might. Ripping at the earth beneath obsidian black talons, propelling forwards with half blinded blurry vision, a ripped open wing flap, and ember falling from the angered maw.

Though in this time of rapid thinking Riku managed to throw himself up and move just in time to come up with a wild plan. Pulling free a flare canister and aiming as best he could in a horizontal path letting it loose to impressively through likely luck more so than anything have the flare smash up against the muscular snout of the beast. Giving the Rain the time she needed to aim the loaded ballista with absolute confidence. A squeeze of the trigger with a clank of a releasing mechanism and a loud 'swoosh' through the air as a harpoon headed spear embedded deep in the center mass of the wyvern's torso. The velocity and power alone puncturing the steel like scales with far more ease than suspecting with a sickening crack. The chain connected spear becoming tight by a winch operated initially by the momentum caused by the release of the ballista string then manually by hand crank. Keeping the large now screaming like a banshee wyvern in place like a leashed pup.

In came the final charge from a recently batted aside Urzag, hooking his large war axes into the right hind leg. The wyvern trying to use it's damaged wing with large flaps in attempt to escape in vain. Leaving it's underbelly exposed to the unknown self created toxin of Sokuya's arrows. To the soon puncturing glaive of Riku's choice of up close combative weapon. The toxin making sudden work with the increased flow and loss of blood sending the hulking mass into a quivering mess before falling with a near crush of the red haired man brave enough to step foot close enough to impale it's belly with a polearm. Fastarr knocking and releasing one final arrow form his impressively large war bow making the final direct hit at the temple of the steel gray colored wyvern.

A bounty efficiently and surprisingly completed with minimal casualty. A proving of the prowess of not only the Wolves' hunters but the other's they hunt with as well.

We do not hunt with the weak. We hunt with the best. We are the Wolves and Company.

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