• General
Full Name: Cellaie Iddaer
Title: Soul Tempest
Nicknames: Cell, Tempey (usually used mockingly)
Class: Dark Knight
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Zodiac: CAMEL: Perseverance and patience, gentle, talented.

  • Biographical
Place of Residence: Calpheon (Capital)
Place of Birth: Heidel
Occupation: Mercenary

  • Personality
Alignment: Neutral Good, although as a lone mercenary, she does not always have the freedom to be picky with contracts.
Religion/Philosophy: Believes in a higher power, but is not religious otherwise. Tries to follow the "Golden Rule" when not on a contract.
Tendencies: swallows her own opinion/thoughts when she think it's not important enough to throw in a group discussion, becomes fully focused when on a contract, usually has bad humour
Likes: Sightseeing, watching people go about their day, humming songs to herself when relaxing, sitting on the castle walls overlooking the town, cats
Dislikes: Being in the spotlight/ being in a leading position, dogs

  • History/Biography
Born in a merchant's family, Cellaie never had too many worries growing up. At the coming of age 12 however, she was suddenly thrown out of the house with nothing but a set of her favourite clothes, food & water for two days and a wooden amulet.

Just as sudden as she was thrown out, a guard on night patrol found her in one of the city's alleys. Taking her in, the guard provided her with a decent meal and a roof over her head for as long as she needed it. Touched by her adoptive father, she swore to repay his kindness and started do chores around the city.

5 years passed when nightmares of fire and fear started to torment Cellaie. A handful of restless nights had passed when the wooden amulet started to shake and break. Darkness immediately permeated out of the broken amulet and filled the entire room before flowing into Cellaie's body. Fearing this cursed power would bring about her nightmares, Cellaie knew that, to save all she held dear, she had to leave behind everything and fled.

After surviving in the wilderness for the following two years, she finally felt that she could control the darkness. Unable to face her adoptive father, she simply handed a letter to the city guards at the entrance and left to find her own fortune.

  • Career
Life as a lone mercenary is not easy, especially when just starting out. Starting off with small contracts of helping the harvest or clearing out pests on farmlands, Cellaie's reputation only started to soar when she single handedly fended off a raid on a rural village. Declining all invitations to join the powerful mercenary guilds, her reputation soared again when she crushed the local branch of one such guild after they had attempted to ambush her. Feeling that things would only escalate, Cellaie vanished from the area, leaving only the stories behind.

Months later, Cellaie returned to the area of Calpheon, only to learn that her latest deeds had earned her the title of "Soul Tempest". Although pretty annoyed, she now uses it as a means to an end, as this title comes with the promise of great contracts, grand rewards... and quite some hidden dangers.

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