• General
Full Name: Thane Theodor Fang.
Nicknames: Teddy.
Level: 57.
Class: Striker.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 65.
Zodiac: Boat.
Hair: Gray.
Skin: White.
Eyes: A blind left eye and a orange right eye.

  • Biographical
Place of Residence: Duvencrune.
Place of Birth: Calpheon.
Relatives: Adoptive son, Selrithin Fang.
Enemies: None known.
Allies: The Fangs.
Occupation: Leader of a small group focused around helping explorers and adventurers who're struggling.
Tradeskills: Leadership to an extent, sailing and cooking.
Appearance: An old man with a blind eye. He has a fairly thick gray beard and wild hair. Despite his age, he is rather well built and can easily hold his own in a brawl.
Fashion of Choice: He dresses fancy if he has to, but he much prefers a style of clothing that could have people mistake him for a pirate.
Armor of Choice: He generally frowns upon armor, having tried it in his youth, he never managed to get used to how heavy it felt. Nowadays he sticks to his usual clothing, regardless if he's going somewhere dangerous or not.
Weapons of Choice: A pair of golden gauntlets wrapped around his arms. He enjoys punching above any other form of combat, and is never seen traveling without his trusty gauntlets.
Special Talents: Fighting is and will always remain within his blood. He might have born in Calpheon, but his true calling was the wilds. Due to his past as an explorer, Thane has an impressive knowledge of climbing and survival, learned through many hard years.
History/Biography: Born in Calpheon to a slightly wealthy family, Thane was raised around snobbs. Though his family acted superior to the less fortunate, the young boy never caught any of their attitude. When a bunch of vengeful bandits burned down the family home, Thane managed to escape unnoticed. He would leave his old life behind and start living out in the wilds, eventually growing into a well built and strong minded explorer. He would live his life traveling the world and meeting new people as he explored the many different forms of nature surrounding him. He had a happy life, filled with companionship and excitement. But as with most things, age will eventually take its toll. When he was fiftynine years old, Thane decided to settle down and do what he could to help other, younger adventurers to enjoy life like he had. It was through this, that he met the person who would become the light of his life, Selrithin. The young half elf was lost and head deep in dept after a series of unfortunate events. The boy had no family and was forced to hide away in order to stay alive. Thane, the good hearted explorer that he was, took the boy under his wing and started paying off all the depts until the half elf was completely free from any bonds. The two remained together as Thane started his little group named the Fangs, and eventually they became like father and son, Selrithin taking on Thane's family name. Six years later, Selrithin moved out on his own as an explorer, much to the joy of the aging Thane. Now he rests within his home in Duvencrune, leading a small group dedicated to helping struggling explorers and adventurers.

  • Personality
Alignment: The Fangs.
Motivations: Helping a new generation of adventurers enjoy life.
Disposition: A curious soul, always seeking to learn something new. Even in his older age, he travels quite a bit.
Outlook: He thinks the world is too beautiful to be left unexplored. Those who wish to see the world and all its wonders should be able to do so, regardless of where they come from or who they are.
Religion/Philosophy: He believes that every person should strive for what they believe in. Life is precious, and freedom is a treasure above any other.
Sexuality: Straight.
Positive Personality Traits: Quite cheerfull and always wishes to help those who seek him out. He enjoys quiet now and then, but celebration is never a bad idea in his mind.
Negative Personality Traits: Can be rather hotheaded in certain discussions. Doesn't like politics and might become somewhat annoyed if forced into discussing them.
Misc. Quirks: His left eye may be blind, but he still has keen enough senses to easily get around without it.

  • Affiliations
Guild: None.
Guild Rank: None.

  • Interests
Likes: Food, women, adventurous spirits, dreamers and exploring.
Dislikes: Politics, snobby people, slavery and war.
Favorite Foods: He has no specific favourite food, always trying something new if he can.
Favorite Drinks: Water, but he doesn't mind a beer now and then.
Favorite Colors: Warm colours like red and orange.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, sailing and camping.

If anyone wants to plan some RP with Thane and another character, feel free to send me a DM. I would also like to try and make the organisation into something actually in the game at some point, so anyone interested in that can also DM me. Sorry if there's a lot of typos or misspelled words.
Discord: Alexander Th. Thorsen#66312018-12-07_620890507_1544198205.PNG