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[NA] Kenji, the Wandering Ronin (WIP)

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"This isn't personal or anything, it's strictly business."

Basic Information
Real Name: Kenji Sato
Alias: Yokotori
Age: 23
Homeland: Eastern Hasao
Occupation: Mercenary

A young man, seeming to be in his early 20's, sporting a multitude of foreign swords at his side, with a hand always kept on the one sported on his left hip. An incredibly foreign set of armor rests upon his skin, one neither seen in Margoria nor Duvencrune, possibly hinting at origins from further Eastern lands. Despite his constant drunken vagrancy, he appears to be well kept, having signs of constantly shaved facial hair, with his hair, despite the length, being well maintained. His clothing can also be regarded in a similar manner along with his Margorian glasses, remaining in pristine condition at nearly all times, void when in combat. However his glasses bring attention to a distinct physical deformity present on his right eye, with the eye itself being a brilliant shade of blue, with threes straight marks of a similar colour glowing at all times.

A cynical and charming wiseass, with the only twp redeeming traits he can bear to his name being his knack for business and his knowledge of all sorts of topics, ranging from arbitrary tasks such as cooking and brewing to Calpheonian economics and politics. Despite his involvement in crime and his willingness to lean towards sheer brutality rather than diplomacy, the man is certainly amiable, quick to make friends and strike up conversations with people he had regarded as complete strangers a mere five minutes ago. However, his natural instinct to lie and deceive, while occasionally paired with good intentions, wishing to avoid conflict and awkward confrontations, has certainly struck many awry.

Origins and Bio
A man of unknown origins, found on a shipwreck near the coast of the Velian shores, the only clues that could contribute to finding where he came from was his native tongue, his swordsmanship skills along with the clothing and goods found on the ship. The boy, who was simply twelve years of age at the time, was taken under the wing of a local Velian farmer and his sister, picked up the local languages quickly and consumed a voracious amount of knowledge about the world, while still honing the skills he had learned from his homeland. At the age of fifteen, the boy departed to Calpheon in hopes of gaining a trade, departing with the remaining clothes and weapons from his homeland as a gift from the Velian chief.

A trip of three days ensued, and upon his arrival at the city, Kenji had been struck in awe at the size of the city compared to the small fishing town in Velia, with the biggest city he had seen so far being Heidel, which had barely compared to the capital of the Empire. Applying to a relatively large, yet affordable, academy that had specialized in combat along with general knowledge of the world. Kenji found himself to be doing quite well in relation to his peers, with both of his academic and combat skills being above par, but not unmatched. Life in Calpheon however had seemingly presented a variety of opportunities for the gain of capital and access to knowledge, with Kenji joining up with various political movements in order to meet a variety of people from all walks of life, vastly broadening his horizons. However, following three years of education at the academy, Kenji was applicable for graduation, racking up an impressive 120 credits within three years. Following a short ceremony and a farewell to the friends and comrades he had made in Calpheon, he had left to travel the world.

For five years, Kenji had managed to travel from Margoria to Arehaza, from Grana to Duvencrune, learning as much as he could and partaking in activities of varying degrees of legality. Which ultimately takes us to now, as Kenji finds himself as a wandering swordsman, taking a variety of jobs every now and then.

Liǎng Bǎ Dāo:
Making use of two swords, both of predominantly Eastern Hasoan origin, the style that he was taught at a young age and adapted to fit his general style makes use of using his opponent's momentum to counterattack and proceeding to release an onslaught of attacks, using his dual swords to attack from multiple directions, usually making it appear as if an attack were to come from one direction only to feint it. Two backup pairs are usually kept on his person purely due to the wear and tear that they experience on a daily basis.
Making use of a technique that Duvencrunian monks had taught him, Kenji makes use of an energy that the monks had called Qi, allowing him to sharpen his senses and harden his body. Further travels across Margoria and Hasao revealed similar teachings there, with Kenji taking the time to further master harnessing Qi, or as they had called it in Hasao, Ch'i. Months of training had allowed Kenji to master the very basics, being able to allocate his Qi to focus on a specific function of his body, whether it be an appendage to run faster or strike harder, or a body part used for perception, in order to improve his sight or hearing.
Lán Yǎnjīng:
Excessive usage of Qi has led to his body adapting to such an excess and foreign energy flowing through it, resulting in odd blue marks marking his body, the most noticeable one being his eye, marked with three bright blue lines and a dim bright blue emanating from his eye, the lens of his eye taking a similar colour. When directing Ch'i to the eye itself, Kenji is able to see all likely possibilities in combat in the next seven seconds, left to make an assumption as to which one it is.
The Story So Far[WIP]
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