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[NA] Ashelia (Ashelia_Loach)- (insert fancy nickname here)

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Name: Ashelia of Clan Paine
Nickname(s): Ashe, Shelia, Loach

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Hair: black

Eye color: Green

Skin color: brown

Weight: not a question one should ask a lady 😋

Birthplace: Altinova (sp?)

Religious Views: Elionian (though backslidden)

Currently living: Calpheon, Noble District

Favored Weapon: Sword and Shield, however, she is training in hopes of being able to eventually wield the Lancia.

Favored armor: She had stumbled upon a replica version of the Enslar armor during the time she was living in Altinova, carried by a merchant that was passing through, however, it wound up costing her more than what she desired to pay.

The god of the Altinovians abandoned them, plain and simple. Knowing this fact, Ashelia always believed that there was something, someone, greater than that out there. However, she dared not question it for fear of being put to death by either radicals who believed in their god or beaten down by the Barbarians who also were devoted to their god.

In order to defend herself and to keep from becoming a victim of the whims of the two factions, she took up the sword and shield and found purpose in also doing all she could to protect the less fortunate and travelers who would be moving between Tarif and Altinova, that was, until one fateful day when she met a merchant carrying the most elegant set of weapons and armor she had ever seen.

Her curiosity got the best of her, and she inquired as to the price. The merchant told her how much silver it would cost her, an unheard of amount that she could only dream of having. When she told the merchant she could not afford the armor or the weapons, he told her that she could have it and just pay it off in installments and advised her against allowing interest to accumulate. The armor was a perfect fit, and it was as though the weapons were meant for her. After putting them on, she went about her business, protecting the travelers, up until the next night when she suddenly lost consciousness halfway between the two cities.

When she came to, she was in a house in Calpheon. The armor wound up costing her the very thing she desired to protect more than anything: herself. Everything down to the last shreds of her dignity were stripped away, all because her curiosity got the best of her. She ended up in servitude because of a payment she could not afford to pay, and collectors who only saw coin when they looked at her.

What felt like an eternity had passed, and she was finally let outside to run some errands because the one who claimed ownership of her was too lazy to go out and do it herself. It was while she was out and about doing those errands, she overheard the words of a priestess of Elion and converted to Elionism. It was then that she woke up and realized that she needed to get out of her current situation, but the more she desired to leave, the more she gave in to the various desired and whims of the lifestyle she was leading.

Finally having enough after being driven to the point where she could not take it anymore, she finally mustered the courage to approach someone for help, be it a priest, priestess, or any in service to Elion...
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I know it isn't too much of a profile, as I do not yet have pics of my character, etc. And knowing my luck I possibly broke some lore at some point in this post.

Any pointers are welcome!
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Good read :)
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