Age: 20
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Grána, Kamasylvia
Occupation: Composer and writer

Ksathiel was born in Grána to an elitist family with an obsession with blood purity and perfection, becoming their sole regret due to her abnormal paleness and fragile frame: she was often sick, got injured regularly when doing physical activity, and her skin got easily sunburned. Ashamed, her parents decided to raise her in near complete isolation.

The young Ganelle developed an acute talent at daydreaming to cope with the absence of social interactions, creating multiple imaginary friends, and spending her days reading and writing stories as soon as she knew how to. She was described by her tutors as hyper-focused during art-related classes, and yet vehemently distracted in the rest. In addition to this, she became puzzled by the short longevity of other races and their achievements in despite of it, and got profoundly interested in the human race with the passing of the years.

The inquisitive elf chose musical composition and singing as the subject of her higher studies, a decision only tolerated by her parents when she offered to train in archery and gymnastics with her strict mother in exchange. She became among the brightest, albeit not widely acknowledged, graduates in the former, and met just the minimum requirements on the latter to join the Lemoria Guard. Ksathiel set her mind to climb up the ranks and make her parents proud, but she was never deployed on any official mission due to her condition.

Unable to perform her duties, and unwilling to continue living in seclusion, the young elf decided to leave Kamasylvia on her twentieth anniversary, embedded on writing a book with her adventures and study the intricacies of human society.

Her skin is notably devoid of any pigmentation, except for the occasional blush on her cheeks, and her rosy lips. Waves of platinum blonde adorn her scalp, and her eyes shine in laurel green.

Ksathiel dyes her eyebrows and eyelashes to make her condition less apparent, though white roots can be easily spotted by any scrutinising eye; this is as far as her makeup skills go, for not only is she a stranger to beauty products, but is also allergic to most of them.

She has an obsession with uniforms, particularly those of elvish origin, and is accustomed to scan for creases every few minutes when she wears one. The elf lacks a sense of fashion, nevertheless, and struggles whenever she needs to find adequate colour or garment combinations.

Green and silver make a cameo in her possessions, and she fiercely avoids wearing anything white.

Ksathiel takes politeness and humbleness to an extreme, and apologizes frequently. She does not seem to comprehend the concept of sarcasm, and thus, has trouble understanding certain jokes and euphemisms. This does not prevent her from trying to joke around, however, much to the dismay of her audience who is bound to experience a cringe-worthy moment or two.

Because of her forced detachment from others while growing up, she is naive, socially clumsy, and tends to overthink. The young elf also squirms away from any physical contact with others, and often procures to be away from anyone's reach. Only an offering of food seems capable of luring her into approaching others willingly, a trait for which her parents began referring to her as "Dove".


In despite of her cleverness and creativity, the young elf is firmly obedient to any authoritative figure, and follows orders by the letter. She rarely defies commands, and feels insecure about sharing her own opinions with others.

Years of being reprimanded by her mother have taken a toll on her self-esteem, and to this day she is genuinely convinced that she is hideous.

Roleplay Hooks
  • You are related to her
  • You were hired by her parents to check up on her
  • You heard rumours of an albino elf being born to a presumptuous couple in Kamasylvia
  • You have heard complaints in any tavern about some annoying girl belting high notes at three in the morning

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