The Forest Owls..are still around..

Hey all Sephriyh of Florin here ! Yes, it sure has been awhile since I've posted to this site. As players of any game I'm sure you could understand how real life gets in the way of our goals and hobbies. But, it is true that The Forest Owls are back and trying to rebuild a fun and friendly environment for the Roleplaying community ! As I've stated before, Black Desert Roleplaying is OUR story in an ever changing world. It's my goal to offer a unique and fulfilling Roleplay experience through The Forest Owls. We're small right now as we try to rebuild and re learn this amazing game. I wanted to make a post letting everyone know we're still here and we're still trying.

Who are we ?

Hunters, Gatherers, Farmers and much more..A simple folk standing with the once proud Nation of Serendia and against the might of Calpheon. A resistance group originally set into action by Grand Chamberlain Jordine before the fall of Heidel City. We take care of our own..we watch and listen..we wait for the opportune time to strike against our adversaries. Welcoming all sorts of adventurers so long as they share in our hatred for the Nation of Calpheon.

Thank you very much for your interest in The Forest Owls. You can learn more on our site at
I look forward to speaking with you and playing out OUR story together.

Your Friend, Sephriyh of Florin