Two personalities, one body.
Pictured Left
Name: Kaedoreah Gwennyth
Nickname: Kaed
Race: Woodland
Residence: Velia
Pictured Right
Name: Cress (Right)
Nickname: N/A
Race: Woodland
Residence: Velia

Physical Appearance: Kaed

Kaed is a young elf and her appearance very much gives that away.
She has a plump 'baby' face with dimples. Her eyes, large and round,
are a light gray (almost silver). Because she suffers from rosacea,
Kaed's cheeks are always a bright red. Her hair is auburn and often
hanging loosely around her shoulders. Kaed isn't one to wear makeup.
Opting for a more natural appearance. She dresses in light greens and
prefers dresses to any other garment.
Physical Appearance: Cress

There are a few tell tale signs that will give Cress away in
physical appearance. Cress's eyes are a stormy dark gray.
She lacks the redness in her cheeks caused by the rosacea.
Instead, Cress's face is pale. Her choice of clothing and
makeup is also different. Where Cress will wear dark makeup
and prefers pants over Kaed's dresses.
The Personalities
Kaed: Sweet / Kind / Niave

Looks for the best in people always.
Wouldn't intentionally hurt a soul.
Hates being referred to as a child or 'kid'.
Cress: Bold / Sarcastic / Rude

Likes to steal shiny things.
Cares about no one.