It was a blistering hot day in the desert sands of Mediah, even if there was various plants all around, most were indigestible or too dry to sum up to anything. Drinking water was scarce and rare, the sun’s light not helping with it either. The various creatures and insects, big or small, went on with their day in relative routine. Predators stalking their prey of food, said prey doing their best to avoid being eaten while looking to eat and drink themselves.

In the distance almost blurred by the scorching heat that covered the horizon, a cloaked figure walked. Hood covering the man’s head and his body shielded from the blinding grace of Raven’s Gift. This man was starving, that much could be evident with the growling of a stomach that echoed every now and then, his breathing raspy due to not drinking for a long period of time. The man had the very swell idea of giving himself a challenge of going for a month without taking supplies from other people either by barter or trade, instead he would’ve foraged for the supplies himself. But he realized soon after that he was making a mistake, food was scarce for him and water even more so, especially since he was traveling a desert region. Despite his reluctant admittance of what he chose, he decided to stick with it and push himself. It was day twenty three now, he’s somehow able to travel still with what little he’s had. His feet and legs ached from all the traveling, he hasn’t seen or heard of any Senu Tribute that could be nearby, but he was hopeful he’ll run into someone. This man’s name was Felnaaq of the Senu Tribe.

“Fox, please give feet and legs the strength to continue more…” The young man muttered to himself, almost in self assurance.

Felnaaq continued to walk, to his right was the mountains that separated the Valencian Desert and Mediah, to his left was an open plain filled with rock and cacti, the end of it a split in the land with a chasm and an unknown abyss, easily the gap compared of five men. Soon however he came to a stop as it seemed his path was blocked. A rock formation that spanned towards the abyss and was easily three times taller, whatever it was it wasn’t natural. It would soon be evident the reason for it as there was the sounds of hooves galloping behind him. The cloaked man turned around swiftly to face the impending company, a duo of centaurs was closing fast with their glaives in hand, they looked ready for trouble.

“By Elephant’s Tusk!” Felnaaq cursed under his breath before beginning to swipe his cloak off.

Revealing himself would show his tanned skin, his torso bare to Raven’s Gift and the wooden weapons that adorned his arms. His feet would be wrapped in red with a wooden plate covering the top of his foot, a tattered up gi pant that was secured by copper anklets. His waist would also be tattered with leathers and cloth that adorned it. Turquoise buttons decorated one of the cloths. A simple headband with a turquoise fur strapped to it was on his head. Around his right eye was a decorated tattoo of red, his hair was shaved from the sides and back, leaving the top untouched and curled up in a ponytail to keep it neat. His back would be of interest however, decorated around his shoulder blades and in center would be tribal-like tattoos that covered most of his skin, it was obvious there was runes of some kind, there was even runes on his vambraces and gauntlets.

Felnaaq’s amber eyes stared towards the fast centaurs that dashed for him. He very well knew he couldn’t outrun them on foot because the centaurs held the feet and legs of a horse. He may not be able to fight them head on but he’d do his best to avoid getting killed. He took a brief moment to peer at his surroundings and come up with a plan. The mountains seemed a bit much considering how tall they were, his gaze then turned to his right towards the chasm...maybe. His attention turned back to the centaurs, roaring a battle cry as they raised their glaives. He closed his hands into fists and raised his arms in a defensive stance, his feet spread apart as he prepared himself. He took a deep breath and crashed his armored knuckles together in a way to hype himself up before returning to stance. Finally the battle would commence.

One of the centaurs sped up in front of it's partner, brandishing the glaive to prepare a mighty swing at Felnaaq. The centaur raised the glaive overhead and swung it downwards to come back up towards the human, Felnaaq would respond by stepping to the side and raised his hand to press the gauntlet to the flat of the glaive, he raised his other hand to grasp his arm and use the strength of both arms to push the glaive away from him in order to evade that strike. The centaur kept on riding forth and started it’s turn to come back, the other would prepare a swing of it’s own in a horizontal attack. Felnaaq turned around and made the split second decision to dash to the side and away from the blade, however the centaur would strike flesh and draw blood as the iron tore away at his left thigh, leaving a mild wound on Felnaaq. The young man clenched his teeth and seethed at the stinging sensation he felt, but he had no time to dwell on it and time was running out for him if he faltered. With both centaurs turning for him he made this chance as an offer to escape and start sprinting as best he could towards the abyss, despite the stinging pain on his thigh. Hearing hooves thundering closer he turned around to find that one of the centaurs caught up and swung downwards this time, Felnaaq stopped and dodged the glaive that struck the ground. However, he wasn’t as lucky when the other one came right after and lunged the glaive at him. Felnaaq moved, but he wasn’t as lucky as the glaive impaled his right leg, he clenched his teeth to muffle the cry of pain that urged inside him. The centaur pulled the blade out and came close to swing a fist square at Felnaaq’s left shoulder, sending him flying back and coming across the ground with his body. He stopped and went to stand back up, the stinging pain only got worse but he didn’t care at this point. With only one thing left in mind now he turned around facing his back to the centaurs and sprinted for the chasm. He was already set on this decision and there was no going back now, his life was on the line and he didn’t want to be greeted by the Raven just yet. His feet was closing in on the chasm and the abyss below, the hooves of the centaurs thudded closer and closer. The moment seemed like it could go on forever, edging the back of Felnaaq’s mind that it was life or death, even with the risk of meeting death in attempt at escape. The chasm was coming close and the centaurs even closer, he steeled himself and made the jump off the cliff with a leap of faith, descending into the abyss below waving his arms until he couldn’t be seen anymore. The centaurs came to a stop at the edge and peered down to the dark chasm that was cloaked by the shadow of the Raven’s Gift. They listened, only met by silence, they watched for a little while longer until their patience wore thin and they huffed. Turning around in disappointment they rode back to their abode, unsatisfied by the fact that they could not kill off the human themselves.

Down in that chasm that was bathed in darkness, there still sang silence. But it would be a few moments more before a hand reached up and took hold onto the cliff side. The hand turned into two and then the body of the man that jumped down in the first place. Felnaaq was alive, worse for wear but that was the price of escaping death. His chest was riddled with cuts and scrapes after landing on the cliff in the shadow, his hands held similar scrapes and bruises as he climbed, his right leg still gushed out blood and his left was heavily favored for the climb. Everything stung, everything ached, everything was in pain. But the young man kept on trekking the cliff face, determined to reach the top. Climbing out of the chasm he turned to lay on his back and let his feet hang off the cliff. He stared up to the blue sky and contemplated what just happened, then...he laughed. He laughed at his own survival despite the condition he was in, laughing at the centaurs for not being able to kill him off, laughing at death because he did not want to join the Weave just yet. After a moment he sighed heavily and moved to stand up. Favoring his left leg still he looked to the place he escaped death.

“Will meet other time, Raven.” The young man offered in a soft breath before turning around and limping towards the horizon. It would be another day for the young Hunter to keep travelling. Wondering what else he will find out in the world.