“Only the most blessed children of God and young angels can be educated.”


Valkyries are considered to be one of Calpheon's most valuable militaristic assets. Only females are allowed to train as Valkyries. They are considered to be holy servants of Ellion, and are therefore not supposed to be interested in relationships. Although this doesn't stop all of them. They are trained in the Holy College in Calpheon’s capital. Most valkyries-in-training are of noble heritage, commoner students are looked upon unfavorably. Every student and active Valkyrie is required to have red hair, dyed hair is allowed.

Students at the Holy College are instructed in things other than combat and religion, the education is said to be very good compared to what’s available elsewhere. They are taught combat strategy, religious precepts, art and science. Tuition is said to be beyond imagination and it is possible for students to be expelled.

According to Valkyrie instructor Volaire the basic virtues of a Valkyrie are Righteousness, Grace of Movement, Integrity and Setting a Good Example. A key value is Devotion. It is also said that Valkyries are obliged to a life of sacrifice. Albeit this may be an outsider’s perspective. Valkyries themselves are proud of living such a life.

Valkyries are trained to execute special missions in battle. Such missions are part of the combat and strategy training they receive. The content of these teachings are unknown to outsiders, which makes Valkyrie movements hard to predict on the battlefield.

(These books are sure to be hard to obtain, as Valkyrie tactics and training are kept secret)


Valkyrie Techniques: Advanced, by unknown.
It discusses high level Valkyrie skills and complex war theories.

Valkyrie Techniques: Intermediate, by unknown.
Taught from the second year onward at the academy. It teaches Valkyrie Combat skills.

Valkyrie Techniques: Basics, by unknown.
Since the war, the Valkyries have constantly been developing their skills. They have advanced significantly as a result. In this book basic stances and simple yet efficient attack skills are explained.

Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Sacrifice, by unknown.
It is said that Valkyries are obliged to a life of sacrifice. But such a negative way of putting it is an outsider’s perspective. Valkyries themselves are very proud of living such a life.

Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Service, by unknown.
Valkyries act as models to all citizens in Calpheon. They are the shields in times of crisis and the cane in times of peace, always serving the people.

Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Integrity, by unknown.
Most Valkyries are proud, a model to others, and always mind their behavior and language. However, a few expelled Valkyries scam civillians, taking advantage of their prestigious Valkyrie status.

Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Manners, by unknown.
Valkyries are famous for their hierarchical culture. The first thing they learn is a particular set of rules for Valkyrie propriety.

Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Meditation, by unknown.
To nurture righteous minds, Valkyries meditate for an hour a day.

101 Essential Stories about the Valkyrie, by unknown.
Valkyries hate this book because it contains too much information.

Basic Attitude of the Valkyrie, by unknown.
The basic textbook of the Valkyrie Academy, famous for its strict discipline. This textbook contains the fundamentals of being a Valkyrie.

Origins of the Valkyrie, by unknown.
When was the first Valkyrie unit developed in Calpheon?

The Great Valkyrie and Calpheon, by unknown.
Although the history of the Valkyries is not long, they surely stand out when it comes to war.

Tactics Leading to Calpheon’s Victory by unknown.
A history text detailing the military strategies that lead to Calpheon’s victories in the past. Though the strategy it details is fundamental in nature, it is generally regarded as a standard for the genre. Many Valkyries are being taught with this book, and the strategies detailed within are used in many wars.

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