Located in Western Balenos, Olvia is well-known for it's thriving livestock and agricultural industries. Olvia was once the capital of the Kingdom of Balenos, these days however it is merely the biggest and quietest town in the territory.

The town lacks an armed guard, instead vigilantes protect the citizens from threats. The vigilantes have a clear hierarchy and a system of promotion. Amongst their numbers are men, women, Humans, Shai and Giants. Recruits begin to train at a young age.

Crop farming and beekeeping were originally the main sources of income for this village. After they began trade with Florin, herb farming and alchemy also became common professions. Until recently Olvia traded with Velia, an imp problem has now made that very difficult, almost impossible.

Recently a thief came into town and robbed a grain storage. As the vigilantes were unsuccessful in catching and tracking down the thief soldiers from the Western Guard Camp have come to Olvia to help the Vigilantes.


Rumors and Gossip


  • It is hard to find mercenaries in Olvia, presumably because of the peaceful lifestyle and the presence of the Vigilantes.
  • A boy plays a mysterious flute, it is said only people of purity can hear the sound. People gather around to reminisce about unfortunate things.
  • Some of the Western Guard Camp soldiers disparage the Olvia vigilantes, believing they are amateurs.

Points of Interest

Herb processing Organisation
In the North part of Olvia one can find an organisation of herb processing, those herbs are sold all over Balenos. Several Shai and two Giants work there.

Not far from where the Shai and Giants are processing herbs there is a brewery. Recently they have made a new barrel out of oak, a tree uncommon to Olvia. They are very impressed by the smell and taste of the drink, hoping they might sell it to the Calpheon Aristocracy

A Town of Cats
Cats can be found in great numbers throughout the town. There are several groups of people just discussing cats. They seem to be loved and adored by the population. Clara takes care of the homeless cats.

Musk Bison Rides
Some people in Olvia own a Musk Bison, though they do not originate from Olvia. One man is charging 20 silver per ride. Some people claim this is outrageous as Musk Bison rides are free in Calpheon.

Owned by Nadia Rowen, she learnt cooking from David Finto in Velia. She feels happy when people eat her food and respond with smiles of enjoyment. Although the tavern is small it is said that the service is particularly good.

Important People

Chief Igor Bartalli is chief of Velia and Olvia. He often offers free lodging and food to travelers, as he was one himself in his youth. He still fantasize about adventuring and sometimes talks about rumors around Calpheon. He's married and has the biggest house in the town. His granddaughter, Emma Bartali, is likely to succeed him. Constellation: Giant.

Croxus; He seems to have been a famous adventurer when he was young. According to his drunk talk, he once traveled far enough to visit Mediah, but never mentions the past when he is sober. He draws on his excellent combat skills to teach the youngsters in the vigilantes. Constellation: Treant Owl.