• No gratuitous or explicit content on-site. This includes artwork, writing, and general posting. If you are linking to it off-site, please include a NSFW disclaimer and some kind of content tag (example: NSFW, Sexual Content). Tasteful nudity in artwork is allowed, but please post it under a spoiler and include a NSFW tag. Scant art / images (risque, but otherwise not showing ~parts~) are fine and do not need to be placed beneath a cut as long as you keep it tasteful and not gratuitous. Adult themes in creative writing are also allowed, but please be tactful. This is a subjective rule, so please use your discretion. If you are unsure or feel like your content falls into a gray area, host it off-site and link to it with a proper disclaimer.

  • No using this site to canvass for ERP. It's completely fine if you want to pursue RP of that type, but please use other channels and other more suitable websites to post personal ads of that type.

  • No use of slurs or hate speech. In addition, please do not link to off-site content that is hateful toward specific race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

  • No call outs. Please do not use this platform to shame or call out individuals or guilds. If you’ve experienced a problem with an individual or guild, please handle it privately with them. If applicable, approach relevant guild leaders/officers with your concerns.

  • No fundraising or donation threads. Please feel free to advertise and link to these on your Enjin wall. Commission threads are allowed.

  • No volatile discussion topics. Public debate about religion, politics, and social position outside of the context of game lore or roleplay is not appropriate. Please feel free to hold these discussions on your Enjin walls or in private messages. This site is a platform devoted to discussion, roleplay, and creative works centered around Black Desert Online.


  • Be civil and respectful. It’s fine to express disagreement, debate an idea, or even to dislike someone, but please conduct yourself in a way that doesn’t belittle or inflame others. Practice empathy and understand that there is a human being behind the keyboard. Please be aware that we do remove those 

  • Don’t derail or detract from discussions/threads. This includes:
      • Hijacking a thread.
      • Diverting a thread away from the OP’s topic.
      • Replying without contributing (i.e. ‘TL;DR’, empty quoting, emoticon response, ‘IB4’, reaction gifs, one word response).
      • Replying to call another poster a troll, whether or not they are actually trolling. Please use the report button instead.
      • Inciting an argument.
      • Necroing or bumping threads simply to push them to the top of the forums. It’s okay to post on old threads, but please make sure some new information is being presented or a question is being asked. Make it a worthy reason.

Generally we don't have a problem with humorous or light hearted responses so long as they are relevant to the topic, aren't disrespectful of the OP, and don't take away from the topic of conversation.

  • Please don't post critique on character profiles, journals, or stories unless it is specifically asked for. If you think someone’s profile or writing needs something addressed and they have not asked for critique, please contact the OP privately about it.

  • Don’t advertise or link to sites that promote vitriol or are mean spirited toward other users. This includes anonymous ‘confession’ sites, sites that publicly mock other characters or character profiles, tumblr/blog rants about other users or guilds, etc.

  • Don’t abuse the report button. This also includes the contact form. The moderators are happy to address issues and problems, but they are not here to police or intercede in conflicts between individual users. *

*  If you are a victim of an ongoing pattern of harassment by another user on the site and you have taken all steps possible to try and resolve the issue, please feel free to approach us for help. Documentation of the behavior is crucial in order for us to assist.

  • Protect personal information. Please don’t post someone’s personal or account information. If you’re posting screenshots or logs, please blur any personal information that might be displayed. 

  • Don’t create new accounts in order to bypass suspensions or bans, or to continue contacting users who may have blocked you. Don’t impersonate admins, mods, or other users. Also, please do not catfish or willfully mislead other users about your identity or intentions.

R U L E - B R E A K I N G

  • Admins and moderators can issue warning points to users who break the site rules. A user who is issued a warning accrues one warning point. After accruing three warning points, the user is automatically given a thirty day ban. After accruing six warning points, the user is permanently banned from the site. 

  • A warning point will disappear 60 days after being received, so users aren't punished unfairly with temporary bans for infrequent warnings. To earn a temporary ban, a user will have to accrue three warning points within 60 days of their first point received. To be permanently banned, a user will have to accrue six warning points within 60 days of their first point received. 

  • Your warning point total can only be viewed by admins, moderators, and yourself. Regular users aren't able to view how many warning points other site users have accrued.

  • Warning points will always be accompanied by a PM explaining why the warning point is being applied. Warning points are not always issued right off the bat. For small things, reminders are often given to the poster or a request is made to bring a rule-breaking post into compliance.

  • In cases of thread derailment, a derailing post may be 'hidden' by an admin or moderator. This collapses the post, but users can still click to expand and view the post. A hidden post may be completely deleted from the thread if it continues to inspire the thread to derail, or at the admin or moderator's discretion.

  • Posts may be edited by an admin or moderator if it contains rule-breaking portions. We will endeavor to always inform a user why their post has been edited, if it comes to that.

  • Admins and moderators reserve the right to manually place users under a temporary twenty-four hour ban in cases where it is warranted. They also reserve the right to permanently ban users as warranted under their discretion. Please also be aware that we can and will remove community members who espouse hateful beliefs or philosophies, even if such occurs off the site or the Discord. We will not foster or support ideologies that teach hatred and prejudice to others.